Captions and SubtitlesSome people are unaware that a large number of our films have a captions feature, including nearly all element videos.

They've been prepared by a variety of sources, including volunteers and the University of Nottingham's Alternative Formats Service.

YouTube seem to be constantly changing the design of their player module, but if you go to the bottom right you'll generally find the CC button to activate captions.


Embedded here is a playlist of videos with properly transcribed English captions (not automatically generated).

ENGLISH (or click here for full list)

And here's another embedded playlist with captions in Portuguese, transcribed by our good friend in Brazil, Professor Luis Brudna.

PORTUGUESE (or click here to see full list)


We also have a very limited number of videos captioned by volunteers in Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian and Italian.

PTOV is created by video journalist Brady Haran working with chemists at The University of Nottingham